Moving Your Pets Safely and Efficiently

Thank you for your interest in Boomerang Pet Carrier. For the past six months, pet shippers have dealt with a myriad of unprecedented challenges during this global pandemic. It is almost impossible to relocate family pets internationally. Whilst a few lanes of air traffic have opened up for live animal travel here in Calgary, the scope of service is still very limited. At this time, I am not comfortable taking on any more international pet relocations. I continue to provide my pet shipping services to my current clients, many of whom have been waiting for many months to be reunited with their four legged companions. I am doing a strategic analysis of my long term business goals and I envision brighter days ahead.

Karen Shiel – Owner/Operator Boomerang Pet Carrier

Perhaps one of my IPATA colleagues who offer pet shipping services in Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto, can be of assistance to you.