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Domestic & International Pet Relocations

Kennel Readiness

This is one of the most important issues with regard to pet shipping. All persons who ship, accept, or load animals must be familiar with the specific handling requirements for the individual species to ensure that animals always travel in safe, healthy, and humane conditions. A code of conduct referred to as the 'Live Animal Regulations' as adopted by IATA is applicable to all airlines. Your pet must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural manner in his travel kennel. The one thing that you can do to make your pet's journey as comfortable as possible is to 'crate train' your pet prior to shipment. BOOMERANG PET CARRIER will be happy to provide you with 'crate training' tips, and will set up your pet's travel kennel to adhere to all of the 'Live Animal Regulations' to ensure your pet's comfort and safety.

  • Dog at Cargo
  • Kanga and Mike at Air Canada YYC
  • Mungo at AC Calgary

Air Cargo Booking & Routing

Because we move many pets per year, we know the best and most expeditious routes that are offered by the commercial airlines. Not all airlines transport animals via cargo, and all those that do may not be able to accommodate some travel kennels, or may be restricted by temperature guidelines. Let the experienced staff at BOOMERANG PET CARRIER plan the quickest, safest route for your pet.

Boarding Accommodation

BOOMERANG PET CARRIER can access a worldwide web of pet handlers who will provide the optimum in care for your pet before, during, or after shipment. We use the services of other IPATA agents - experts in the field of pet relocations.

Customs Clearance

Just as you, the international traveller, must report to Customs at your port of entry, your pet must clear Customs as well. With our network of IPATA shipping agents, we can arrange for customs clearance in the country of destination. Alternately, BOOMERANG PET CARRIER can complete the time consuming task of clearing your pet through Canadian Customs here in Calgary, Canada.


With regard to international relocations, certain documentation requirements need to be met. These can include health and vaccination certificates, veterinarian protocols, transit and import permits, and quarantine arrangements. BOOMERANG PET CARRIER will take care of all the necessary paperwork for your pet's relocation, freeing up your time to make your own moving plans.


Your pet's documentation for international export may need to be endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, or by another country's consulate or embassy. The experts at BOOMERANG PET CARRIER can take care of this often confusing documentation.

Ground Transportation

Experienced animal handlers can deliver your pet and its kennel to the airport and complete the air cargo check in; alternately, we can collect your pet upon arrival, clear customs for you if necessary, and deliver to your residence. BOOMERANG PET CARRIER carries insurance for all pets while in our custody, and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure your pet's safety.

Sedation of pets prior to shipment is not recommended by our industry.

For your proposal for a domestic or international pet relocation, please complete the Online Relocation Questionnaire.

Clients' Comments

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Thank you very much for the service you provided. I wish all service providers I ever deal with take as much care and knows their craft as much as you do!

Robert E. and Koa, Standard Poodle from Calgary to the UAE

Tom Tom and Pandora

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We used Boomerang Pet Carrier in March 2014. We are so glad we found Karen. We were very overwhelmed when we first looked into the process of moving our dog out of Canada. Karen was a tremendous help in relocating our dog, Cooey, over to New Zealand. There were a few bumps along the way, as our dog had a health issue that set back the moving process, but Karen was there to help calm our nerves and deal with all the paperwork and vet appointments. Once Cooey did get the go ahead to be able to leave the country, we were updated throughout the whole process of her travels and her quarantine time. Cooey is now loving her new home in New Zealand. We would recommend Karen’s services to anyone.

Amber & Ross W. and Cooey, Chesapeake Bay Retriever from Calgary to Auckland, New Zealand


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Hi Karen! I have Brasco and we are on our way back to France! Thank you so much for everything, I could not have done this without you. I am so happy you do what you do. A million thanks from the very bottom of my heart.

Faye D. and Doggie Brasco, beagle, from Calgary to Amsterdam