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2015 IPATA Conference - Rome

Roma, qui veniamo! I am very excited to attend our 39th International IPATA conference in Rome, Italy, this October. This will be my 9th conference. When I joined IPATA in 2002, there were less than 100 IPATA members; now there are more than 300 members in more than 80 countries! I am looking forward to enjoying the company of old friends and colleagues and learning a few new pet shipping skills and pointers. Of course, I also hope to visit a few of the fabulous sights of the Eternal City!

2015 IPATA North American Regional Meeting - Vancouver

I will be in attendance at the IPATA North American Regional Meeting in Vancouver in March 2015. This meeting will be specifically for IPATA trade association members in Canada and the US. We will address any matters of concern and create action plans to improve pet shipping services for our clients’ pets within North American and to international ports.

2014 IPATA Conference - Panama

While I did not attend the annual IPATA conference in Panama in the fall of 2014, I’ve heard that it was a resounding success! The new IPATA planning committee is currently working on this year’s agenda for the conference to be held in Rome, Italy from 23–27 October 2015.

IPATA 2013

IPATA Conference Participants 2013

Live Animal Regulations Training

In April 2013, Karen successfully passed with distinction the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) training course in Dallas. Under the tutelage of Ms. Rebecca McNeill, Animal Welfare Advisor, Fraport (AG), Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, this three-day seminar covered all aspects of the IATA LAR, which is the global standard and the essential guide for transporting live animals by air in a safe, humane, and cost-effective manner. A working knowledge of the IATA LAR is a must to ensure that live animals are transported in compliance with airline regulations and animal welfare standards.

IPATA Board of Directors 2009-2012

My three year term as a director on the IPATA board comes to an end this year. It was a privilege and an honour to work with my fellow directors from all over the globe and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Commitments in Calgary will prevent me from attending the 36th annual IPATA conference that will be held in Madrid in October this year. It is shaping up to be well attended conference with interesting and informative events and seminars. Alas, I shall have to wait until the next IPATA conference in Las Vegas in 2013.

2011 IPATA Conference - Hong Kong

The 35th Annual IPATA Conference in Hong Kong in November 2011 was a tremendous success! Over 200 people involved in the pet shipping industry from 39 different countries representing 108 companies were in attendance. This was the largest attendance in IPATA's history, and many members who had never had the opportunity to attend an annual conference benefited from the eastern location. They were able to network with old and new friends of IPATA, and had the opportunity to attend educational seminars. The annual conference was preceded by the annual IPATA board and strategic planning meetings, and as a member of the board, I can attest to the progress that was made with regard to restructuring the board to include regional representation, and defining new member requirements. The board will be meeting again in Fort Lauderdale in March for the annual Spring meeting to continue its work promoting IPATA as the pet shipping industry leader. The 36th annual IPATA conference is to be held in Madrid, Spain in October 2012.

IPATA Committee News

I have been invited to sit on a newly formed Membership Committee by appointed chairman Dr. Walter Woolf.

As an IPATA director, I attended the Spring IPATA Board Meeting and Strategic Planning Meeting in Fort Lauderdale in April 2011.

2010 IPATA Conference - Montreal

In October 2010, I joined 113 members from 25 countries at the annual IPATA conference in Montreal. I was also on the conference planning committee and thoroughly enjoyed shaping this year’s conference format. We really mixed it up with many choices of seminars and workshops; this kept all members engaged and interested, with the ability to sit in on subjects in which they were particularly interested. The annual conferences are an excellent mix of education and networking. I always learn something new, am kept current on country regulations, and meet other like-minded persons who do what I do every day.

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